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Like A Virgin

A Madonna evergreen in a newly - very minimalistic - design! Texas Lightning, who participate in the eurovision song contest 2006 for germany, did a cover version of "Like a virgin" and released it as a single - without major success. However, this new version is pretty interesting and it puts a total new light onto it. But, there's nothing like the original!

- Claus, München, Deutschland, 19.04.2007

Texas Lightning



CD-Cover: Texas Lightning - Meanwhile back at the ranch 27.2 % 72.8 % CD-Cover: Madonna - Like A Virgin
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Texas Lightning 301 Votes Madonna

Comments about Like A Virgin:

I like the 'Weird' Al Yankovic version, Like a Surgeon.
- Clide, Washington, United States, 05.12.2007
I wuz gonna vote for Teenage Fanclub here :( Don't know no texas lightning.
- Karl, DeKalb, IL, United States, 09.07.2007
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