Cover vs. Original

99 Red Balloons (99 Luftballons)

80s vs. Punk-Rock.

- P, Berlin, Deutschland, 26.04.2006




CD-Cover: Goldfinger - Best of Goldfinger 47 % 53 % CD-Cover: Nena - Nena
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Goldfinger 1345 Votes Nena

Comments about 99 Red Balloons (99 Luftballons):

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German People like to kill other people
- j-rhymz, shit springs ohio, United States, 08.01.2010
Nena's original German version is the best. Even the text is better in German, than the English 'cover' by her.
- MT_Anthony, Budapest, Hungary, 15.09.2009
The original versions are always the best, you are idiots if you prefer goldfinger
- Julian, Calexico, United States, 17.08.2009
Speciaal voor onze willywilliechillie kiezen wij voor 99 RED ballooons van Goldfinger! Deze versie is moderner en er zit meer sjwoeng in!!!
- Wardos en lien grombeir, Denjerlieje, Belgium, 13.05.2009
both awesome!!!
- Baranyi601, Miskolc, Hungary, 22.01.2009
Nena is a failure. she is so friggin off beat.
how did she get professional with no rythm or beat whatsoever?
Goldfinger all the way!
- 7he W4fer, Peterborough, Canada, 29.08.2008
'80s German New Wave vs. Punk... normally not much of a choice for me, but in this case it's actually quite difficult. However, I'm still going to vote for Goldfinger's punk cover.
- Giuseppe, Bucharest, Romania, 23.04.2008
goldfinger are awesome
- James Brown (no joke), china town, England, 18.12.2007
It's got to be goldfinger. The beginning of nena's isn't on beat at first. Besides, goldfinger's got that english accent! And they pull it together much better. It doesn't flow as well in the original, but I do loooooove the lyrics!
- Chrissy, N/A, United States, 17.12.2007
Listen the original version in Deutch. Much better than the English version. The lyrics actually mean something...
- Andrei, Bucuresti, Romania, 23.10.2007
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