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The Scientist

Coldplay's song is one of my all time favourite, but Aimee Mann's cover is so amazing! I had so much trouble deciding what my favourite version was (I picked Aimee, probably because she's less famous). What do YOU think?

- Gilles, Lausanne, Switzerland, 09.10.2005

Aimee Mann



CD-Cover: Aimee Mann - Lost in Space (special edition) 54.7 % 45.3 % CD-Cover: Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
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Aimee Mann 987 Votes Coldplay

Further information about song and bands:

Aimee Mann
Official Site
What a great site - an excellent design! You can watch movies of Aimee, listen to the whole album "Lost in Space" and you will find a huge community on the message board.
Coldplay Site
A superb fansite about Coldplay. News, biographies, lyrics, photos and a discussion board.

Comments about The Scientist:

I'm not a huge Coldplay fan myself, but the Aimee version was nauseating. Taken way too far in the worst way possible. Eww
- Imogen, Sydney, Australia, 27.10.2010
Prefer Johnette Napolitano's version over both of these.
- ZackBauer, Boston, United States, 28.09.2010
Coldplay fans, do yourself a favor and give this and the rest of Aimee's catalog a listen. Nothing against Coldplay, but, with them, you have only seen the opening act. You are now ready to graduate. Aimee is the real deal.
- Jim, Culver City, CA, United States, 10.04.2006
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