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You Keep Me Hangin' On

This was a very "emo" version. I always enjoyed how different they made this song sound from the original.

- Ellen, Maryland, United States, 27.04.2007

Vanilla Fudge


The Supremes

CD-Cover: Vanilla Fudge - Psychedelic Sundae: The Best of Vanilla Fudge 56.2 % 43.8 % CD-Cover: The Supremes - The #1's [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]
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Vanilla Fudge 233 Votes The Supremes

Comments about You Keep Me Hangin' On:

Human Nature's cover is the much more superior cover. Still, the Supremes' version is the best.
- Charles, Frederick, United States, 21.06.2010
this may be one of my favorite cover versions of a song, period.
- jared, providence, United States, 13.12.2007
What about human nature vs the supremes?
- David gill, Ipswich, Australia, 19.11.2007
No question! Great original but how awesome is the drum & bass work from Vanilla Fudge. Fabulous cover!!
- Graham, Qld, Australia, 24.06.2007
What about Human nature's Version in Australia there's is the best!!!! Oh Yeah!!!!
- David Gill, Ipswich, Australia, 18.06.2007
Vanilla Fudge rules!
- Blinky, Los Angeles, United States, 14.06.2007
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