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I don't realy like the original, but this cover realy rocks! And i'ts funny as hell!

- Michel, Warmenhuizen, Netherlands, 03.05.2007



Spice Girls

CD-Cover: Heideroosjes - Schizo 28.3 % 71.7 % CD-Cover: Spice Girls - Spice
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Heideroosjes 180 Votes Spice Girls

Comments about Wannabe:

Every cover would be better than this original.
- Tania, Athens, Greece, 23.05.2009
Haha, making a spice girls song worse, there's gotta be some kind of award for that.
- Daisjun, Sydney, Australia, 28.10.2007
who would ever waste their time covering this song? i mean im wasting my time just writing this...
- taza, griffith, Australia, 13.09.2007
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