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Raining Blood

Although Slayer's original version was pretty damn influential, Tori's is just so much more hard-hitting on so many levels.

- Pedro Tejada, West Palm Beach, United States, 03.05.2007

Tori Amos



CD-Cover: Tori Amos - Strange Little Girls 28.4 % 71.6 % CD-Cover: Slayer - Reign In Blood
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Tori Amos 982 Votes Slayer

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I think Tori did a great job taking one of the greatest thrash songs ever and making it her own style.. However, It's fucking Slayer!!!! So they they get my vote.
- Shawn, Monroeville, United States, 24.11.2008
Oh, so that's what slayer was singing...
- marq, atlanta, United States, 04.10.2008
Tori version is... Interesting. It's weird to say the least, but I kind of like it. The original is a metal classic though.

Oh yeah, Í am a big metalhead and like Tori too.
- Electric Hawk, -, Finland, 20.06.2008
I am a 36-year-old Slayer fan, and I grew up on stuff like this that some of you kids will never hear, because it only came out on albums or cassettes.

These songs are two sides of the same coin. On one hand, the original is a whiplash-inducing, frenzied blast of hell. Tori's arrangement is more personal; a slow, suffocating, overwhelming kind of evil. Both are different, both are good.

I feel bad for you youngin's who think "Metal or nothing! RARRRRRHHGGHHHHH!" When you grow up (if you grow up?) and your musical horizons expand, maybe then you'll recognize that Tori's arrangement is a work of genius that has introduced Slayer to a bunch of narrow-minded folk who would otherwise never explore the boundaries of music beyond their own narrow tastes and would never have listened to Slayer on their own...ever. Those people kind of like some of the posters here, who would never been introduced to Tori Amos is they weren't bitching about her covering a Slayer song....
- Shaggy, Winnipeg, Canada, 26.05.2008
ok, if your gonna do a cover of a song dont just rip the lyrics, make the music somewhat similar, thats just lazing writing, not doing a cover.
- luke, dedham, United States, 09.05.2008
I dont like the Tori cover. Its horrible
- SUB-ZERO, Naracoorte, Australia, 11.03.2008
What you talkin about Tori`s is so much more hard hitting on so many levels..ha ha,you can`t get more hard hitting than slayer Tori only put her style to it,Slayer wrote the track and it`ll always be the best,the proof is there anyway in the voting and i think you`re out voted.
- Pete, Auburn, United States, 04.03.2008
TORI AMOS?! WTF? OK her versions not horrible but am I the only one shocked by this
- Jim, Rome, United States, 19.01.2008
I really like this song, and I can't pick which I prefer, but because I prefer Tori Amos she has my vote.
- Andrew, Limerick, Ireland, 13.12.2007
Tori did a good job with it, but Slayer's version is so much more expressive. With the quiet, eerie beginning morphing into utter chaos and tumult it is the perfect expression of nihilism
- Bob, Burton, United States, 09.12.2007
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