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Mr. Tambourine Man

When you hear the song name "Mr. Tambourine Man", you have possibly expected a comparison between Bob Dylan and The Byrds. But just recently I have found the version of William Shatner in the net and I would like to introduce it here.
Shatner, well-known from Star Trek, sings this song in the science-fiction series. But you can't really call it singing. It's more a kind of Sprechgesang. But Shatner has fascinated me with this cover version. Especially Shatner's scream for Mr. Tambourine Man at the end sets my teeth on edge. A totally weird version of this classic song written by Bob Dylan (by the way Dylan's only No. 1 - Hit). You should give Shatner's version a try.
By the way Shatner has sung some other crazy cover versions - I will introduce his interpretation of Rocketman soon.

- Michael Müller, Hamburg, Deutschland, 10.10.2005

William Shatner


Bob Dylan

CD-Cover: William Shatner - Transformed Man 45.7 % 54.3 % CD-Cover: Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home
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Further information about song and bands:

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of Shatnerology
Crazy fansite about William Shatner with lots of funny stuff. There is also a link to Mr. Tambourine Man as mp3.
Bob Dylan
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Comments about Mr. Tambourine Man:

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I find myself giggling at the end of this every time I hear it. I absolutely love it, I find it thrilling in an entertaining way, but don't really understand the desperation in the final, almost primal scream. I also love B-movies from the 70's, so that tells you something.
- Judy, Bend, United States, 22.04.2006
Personally I loved Bill's version the first time I heard it. I like to sample his scream at the end and loop it over and over again. He is a GOD and there's no denying it. Amen to that.
- Leigh, Darwen, England, 27.10.2005
The best Shatner "song" still is the cover version of Pulp's "Common People". That one I can recommend. I don't know about this one.
- TomGaines, Landshut, Germany, 23.10.2005
Shatner does "Tambourine Man" just like it should be done. Bill, you rock!
- Clinton, Fort Worth, United States, 23.10.2005
Shatner does "Tambourine Man" just as it should be done. Way to go, Bill!
- Randall, Fort Worth, United States, 23.10.2005
Frightening !!
- thelonesomesparrow, Leeds, England, 23.10.2005
Love Big Bill Shat.Try his version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Oh, and try Leonard Nimoy's albums if you want true twistedness.
- Jim Bax, Cardiff, Wales, 23.10.2005
Shatner's version is the only truly good thing in the universe.
- John, Fort Worth, United States, 23.10.2005
I like Shattner, I especially like his Denny Crane, but there's something truly frightening about him...
- Bill, Boston, United States, 23.10.2005
I heard this rendition initially on a compliation CD called Golden Throats which is absoulutely hilariously horrible, so bad it's good - you gotta check it out! The Shatner cut is not my favorite...that designation goes to Sebastian Cabot's version of Like a Rolling Stone which is a REAL classic, and really grows on you in a messed up kinda way! Check out the reviews on Amazon and get a copy because it's not a joke just that terribly scary good kinda thing!
- Ray, California, United States, 23.10.2005
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