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Without You

Mariah's version injects more emotion into the song. You feel the gut-wrenching emotion, as Nilsson's version is more macabre.

- Charlie, Cincinnati, OH, United States, 03.05.2007

Mariah Carey


Harry Nilsson

CD-Cover: Mariah Carey - Music Box 27.1 % 72.9 % CD-Cover: Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Schmilsson
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Comments about Without You:

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Nilsson's version is nice but is a cover by itself. Original version by Badfinger is the very best.
- Welkie, Maastricht, Netherlands, 20.06.2008
Harry Nilsson's version without a doubt simply destroys Mariah's. Sure, she can sing... but Harry's version has 100 times the emotion behind it.
- G.Weapons, North Country, United States, 11.05.2008
The original by Badfinger is the best
- gerard, valkenswaard, Netherlands, 02.05.2008
Harry Nilsson version is very better than Mariah's
- Ivan, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 05.04.2008
This song is originally written by "BADFINGER" in 1970 (rock genre) and the original version is very different. I like it more.. Although Harry Nilsson version is very better than Mariah's,, I like it too.
- Alireza Tara, Tehran, Iran, 28.01.2008
I think whoever thinks the other guy was better just doesn't like Mariah Carey as a singer. Because whoever picks the other guy doesn't say anything about how good Nilsson's version is they just have negitive things to say about Mariah. C' Mon people, what about the song?!?
- Jessica, Anchorage, United States, 07.11.2007
Indeed, Nilsson's version is the best one ( and the only good one ). Mariah Carey has nothing to say and is indeed a hack with big tits and a cheesy, over the top voice. ... I think people who know nothing about music love the mariah Carey version just like these people like the version of American Pie by Madonna ...
- Robert Minnebo, Dendermonde, Belgium, 03.11.2007
Mariahs voice lifts the song! No doubt about it, one of the very few covers that are better than the original.
- Chris, Mainz, Germany, 16.10.2007
To compare Nilsson to Mariah Carey is like comparing God to Satan. Nilsson is a legend with a moving, amazing voice while Mariah Carey is a hack with big tits and a cheesy, over the top voice. There is no question who is better. Nilsson all the way.
- Mitch, Port Angeles, United States, 10.10.2007
DO YOU REALLY CAN COMPARE THIS??? MARIAH IS THE BEST! This song is good ballad only in her performing!
- Milosh, Pozarevac, Serbia, 31.08.2007
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