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Time After Time

The cover version by Novaspace (like lots of other cover versions by her) is not fit to hold the candle to the ingenious original by Cyndi Lauper.

- Lotusblüte, Cologne, Deutschland, 06.05.2007



Cyndi Lauper

CD-Cover: Novaspace - Supernova 16.4 % 83.6 % CD-Cover: Cyndi Lauper - She's So Unusual
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Novaspace 590 Votes Cyndi Lauper

Comments about Time After Time:

I prefer the Ashley Tisdale's one...
- Gui_BR, MTE, Brazil, 29.06.2008
Fuck you Novaspace, no one tops Cyndi's version.
- Lennart, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 16.05.2008
The only cover versions I like are the versions from Miles Davis and the excellent version from Tuck & Patti. The original is still the best!
- Michael, Munich, Germany, 14.05.2008
I love the Quietdrive cover of this song.. I think it's awesome
- Crys, East London, South Africa, 19.03.2008
Eva Cassidy's version of this is fantastic
- KPlatt, Sheffield, England, 07.01.2008
Check out Gameface's cover of Time after Time. It's a punk version thats pretty fun. It's the hidden track on their first album "Three to Get Ready"
- Ryan Pearson, Anaheim, California, United States, 17.07.2007
Personally, I think that Quietdrive's cover of Time After Time is a much better cover. It took the song and brought it quite a bit more uptempo while still staying fairly true to the original. It's also kind of interesting hearing it come from male vocals instead of the female vocals that usually do this song. That being said Cyndi's version is a tough one to top.
- Adam, Edmonton, Canada, 16.05.2007
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