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Summertime Blues

I'm a huge Who fan so obviously their version is my favorite (I think it's even better than Blue Cheer's). Cochran's original recording is great but it's just no contest. The Who takes the gold.

By the way, note that it's the Who's live version of the song that I listed, which is much better than the studio.

- Sgt. Pepper, Electric Ladyland, United States, 08.06.2006

The Who


Eddie Cochran

CD-Cover: The Who - Live at Leeds 52.3 % 47.7 % CD-Cover: Eddie Cochran - Somethin' Else: The Fine Lookin' Hits of
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Comments about Summertime Blues:

Cochran's original is bluesier, but the Who push the song to another plane of teen angst.
- Rob L., Vancouver, United States, 26.08.2010
I like the Who more, but I would like to listen Eddie Cochran today. It's Summer Monday Blue TODAY, I need blues....
- Can Huang, Taichung, Thailand, 31.08.2009
Ningún cover de Eddie Cochran lo han superado, ni Sid Vicious, ni The Who, Eddie Cochran es lo máximo en el rock and roll, el continuo el camino de presley, vincent, etc.
- Carlos, California, United States, 30.01.2009
I do very much like Eddie Cochran's version of the song as it has a very nice kick to it but the Who's version of the song is just mind-blowing. Moon smacking away on the drums, Townshend has a good solo in there, Entwistle playing a great bass line as usual and Roger's vocals were good too. The Who rocks and this song shows how good they were live.
- Nick, New York, United States, 20.12.2008
The Who's version of Summertime Blues put their stamp on this classic whicn really does fit as a perfect companion to piece to My Generation!
- Mark, Castaic, United States, 18.08.2008
There is also a cover by T.Rex from 1970 on the B-side of Ride a White Swan. I think Bolan covered it brilliantly with just electric guitar and bongos, it caught the simplicity of the original and gave it a twist.
- George, Glasgow, Scotland, 21.08.2007
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