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Like someone in love

I think Björk's version is a little bit better then the original.

- charlie stereon, lublin, Poland, 21.05.2007



Chet Baker

CD-Cover: Björk - Debut 20.1 % 79.9 % CD-Cover: Chet Baker - The best of Chet Baker sings
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Björk 577 Votes Chet Baker

Comments about Like someone in love:

I think Pedro was talking about the COVER of the album. Not the album itself... Thanks for the essay though.
- KT, London, England, 17.12.2010
To Pedro in Portugal:

"Debut" is so not Björk? Really? I would submit that Björk is precisely "Debut," and that almost everything since has been her own personal deconstruction.

If Björk had begun by doing the stuff she's been doing since, say, 1998, I daresay her only following would be found in small, obscure pockets outside the US.

She most certainly would never have ascended to being a household name from works like "Medulla" and such. Never.

No, Björk exists directly due to her work with the Cubes, and the meteoritic impact of "Debut" with the following "Post". These years are her defining, formative patterns. The foundation, if you will.

All the rest of her work is fairly disposable.
- Melrose Chocolate, Hollywood, United States, 29.07.2009
I love Bj and I know she likes the jazz standards a lot, but this version is awful... Better listen Gling Glo to check her jazzy felling.
- Claudia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 05.12.2008
I thought this was a Noel Coward song originally?
- Julie, Perth, Australia, 14.05.2008
Hi see my blog:
- 666, portugal, Portugal, 26.03.2008
I never heard the CHet Baker version, and didnt know it was a cover, but I had to help out poor Dork, I mean Bjork(hopefully she won't hunt me down and slap the crap out of me), love ya Bjork!!!
- Dale, Tubalo, United States, 14.02.2008
Just had to say I hate the cover of this album, Debut. it is so not bjork. Love her though.
- Pedro, Lisboa, Portugal, 12.11.2007
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