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Like A Hurricane

In my opinion there is too much howling in the voice of Neil Young in the original. The cover version by The Mission sounds more powerful and thrilling.

- Harry, Essen, Deutschland, 22.05.2007

The Mission


Neil Young

CD-Cover: The Mission - First Chapter 40.1 % 59.9 % CD-Cover: Neil Young - American Stars'n'Bars
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Comments about Like A Hurricane:

No doubt about it the Neil Young version is my ultimate favorite! But I guess thats just because I'm a Neil Young fan and I LOVE his voice. He give this song a certain humble quality to it that gives me chills :]
- Molly, Los Angeles, United States, 21.02.2010
In my opinion there's an even better version....I guess I just prefer Bryan Ferry's voice
Check it out on YouTube:
- Andrea, London, England, 16.11.2008
In my opinion there's an even better version....Bryan Ferry the man with the velvet voice! Check it out on YouTube:
- Andrea Phillips, London, England, 16.11.2008
I guess we listen to music for different things or consume it differently.

I don't love Like A Hurricane by Neil Young or his music in general solely for his vocal abilities (though the earlier raspiness I found enjoyable if compared to his now more modulated style.) Far, far from it!

I've seen him equated with being the Godfather .. if not the Father of the Grunge musical style .. Kurt Corbain era. To me it's like .. whatever! :-)

For me Neil's and his former CrazyHorse band members masterfully mastered the fine art and style of blending extreme harmonic distortions (some call it music in certain oarts of the world).

Each note, in and of itself and in any piece of music, is defined by its harmonic mastery of it's environment or medium. Resonance is but a distortion of the perfect pitch which being perfect should also be inaudible, amplied or not. As the tagline in Alien said .. In Space No One Can Hear You Scream.

And so .... IMO, as humble as it is .... Neil and CrazyHorse over the years have defined, pushed and explored the boundaries of what really and truly rocks! And ... amazingly, live or studio renditions of their discography and influences they often improve on previous perfomances. Under the influence or not.

Jimmi and Carlos are in a classes of their own. The same applies to Neil/CrazyHorse. Van Halen is but a mere shell without Eddie (not to mention, David-showman-Lee-Roth. The Grand Daddy of Pretty Boy Rockers). Tom Cochrane/Red Rider, Led Zepplin without? Fleetwood Mac without?

Hope you get the picture?

- Marcus Aurelia, Toronto, Canada, 05.01.2008
Combine Neil Young's guitar playing and the missions singing and arrangement and the would be the ultimate version.
- steve, Cambridge, England, 08.12.2007
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