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Tomorrow never knows

This cover version by Phil Collins is great, too.

- Harry, Essen, Deutschland, 31.05.2007

Phil Collins


The Beatles

CD-Cover: Phil Collins - Face Value 36.7 % 63.3 % CD-Cover: The Beatles - Revolver
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Phil Collins 401 Votes The Beatles

Comments about Tomorrow never knows:

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Beatles beat Phil Collins any day
I'll see who's better in each category
MUSIC: The Beatles
MOVIES: Beatles
Favorite: Beatles
- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 08.03.2011
Seriously, if you took away the names of the artists there's no comparison in my opinion. The PC version has such a rich sound.

And to anyone who says Phil Collins sucks...ok, some of his commercial stuff is...well, too commercial. Search for Brand X circa 1976. He CAN drum (seriously).
- Peter, Portland, United States, 04.02.2011
My favorite movies are Beatles movies but my brother like Phil Collins movies better so he goes around saying "Phil Collins is the greatest thing in the world" "Phil Collins is better than The Beatles". I say The Beatles are better due to more impersonators, more TV shows, more movies, and more FUN!
- Katherine , Fort Worth , United States, 05.12.2010
Collins sucks! Beatles rock!
- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 04.09.2010
You always have to give the nod to the original, because the original is just that - an original. That being said, the Phil Collins version is pretty darn good.
- Jason, Kimball, United States, 26.07.2010
the beatles get cred for doing this in 1966, but collins version is darker, trippier, and just more psychedelic overall. dunno how one can argue that the earlier version is better, really. the drums are way better on collins' version too.
- japanhead, frederick, United States, 03.03.2010
though collins has done a good version of this he still cant beat The Beatles version as that is a classic and always will be
- Nik, Patra , Greece, 19.04.2009
Nadie puede superar a The Beatles...
- Ruben Valdez, Mexico, Mexico, 09.07.2008
collins' cover of golden slumbers is great!
- daniel chan, kuala lumpur, Malaysia, 08.11.2007
collins' cover of golden slumbers is great!
- daniel chan, kuala lumpur, Malaysia, 08.11.2007
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