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I love both versions for different reasons. I'm going with the original LLB version because Salvador (I'm a huge Salvador fan, so I can say this, lol) could have/should have put their signature horns on this song. I know the guys, and I talked to the keyboardist, Chris Bevins, and they just didn't have enough time. The lable wanted the song on the album and they had to put it together in 2 days. Again, I love both versions, but I vote for the original because Salvdor could have done so much more with it that they didn't do.

- Grant, Austin, United States, 31.05.2007



Los Lonely Boys

CD-Cover: Salvador - So Natural 49.7 % 50.3 % CD-Cover: Los Lonely Boys - Los Lonely Boys
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Just love both versions!!! Listen to Salvadors version when I feel up and rising - a bit like a partysong - and choose LLBs version when I want the honest truth, when i wanna connect to the inner me.
- daimon777, Guthenburg, Sweden, 27.07.2010
There is no comparison: the LLB original is true an sincere, and Salvador is just putting some wax on it and in to process sounds, uuh, artificial...
- vsd, san jose, United States, 07.05.2010
posted by Holly Garcia
"since it makes more sense for them to feel the lyrics."

What does that mean? Henry, JoJo and Ringo are all Christians as well. If you know anything about them they are very involved in their faith. They might not subscribe to the same faith as Salvador, I believe Los Lonley Boys are Catholic, but to make a statement like that is naive.
- Alex, Naperville, United States, 03.08.2009
I wish I could have voted for Salvador and felt honest about it, since it makes more sense for them to feel the lyrics. But there is obviously more depth and dimension to Los Lonely Boys version.
- Holly Garcia, Scottsdale, United States, 13.07.2009
I have to go with Salvador on this partly because it isn't as rough. Not to say the LLB version isn't bad, it just needed a little more polish.
- David, Dallas, United States, 29.05.2009
I like the edgier guitars in the LLB version - a bit SRVish. I like Salvador but the electric guitar in this song sounds wimpy.
- Richard, Toronto, Canada, 17.12.2008
I vote for Salvador :) I like it more, and like the rest of you said, he's our brother in Spirit, God Bless :)
- Estela, Seaside, United States, 16.11.2008
The two versions are almost identical. One could be the other on a bad day.
- James, Minneapolis, United States, 11.04.2008
I prefer Listening to real Christian Rock-N-Roll, latin realy is not my Style, but since Savador is a christian band and brothers in Christ I have to put in a vote for them. Salvador your the the band because you sound better tha the Lonely Boys, hey on your next cd, play some Rock-N-Roll.
Lonely Boys give you hearts to thr Lord and you wont be so lonely.
- Hector, Houston, United States, 13.01.2008
I know that with alot of songs people get used to hearing a song a certain way so that usually vote for the original version however up until recently I've only heard the song sung by Salvador (On the Christian radio station I listen to). I like their version. It sounds more upbeat; to me a little more soul. I like the guitar in it too. I vote for Salvador.
- Linda, Old Bridge, United States, 10.01.2008
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