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Could It Be Magic

Under the melodrama of disco, the formerly ridiculous Barry Manilow song based on a Chopin melody becomes a masterpiece of excess, one of Donna's first shining moments on the dance floor.

- Eric Henwood-Greer, Victoria, Canada, 08.06.2007

Donna Summer


Barry Manilow

CD-Cover: Donna Summer - A Love Trilogy 66.6 % 33.4 % CD-Cover: Barry Manilow - Barry Manilow I
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I much perfer the original, Barry all the way.
- Aimee, notsayingthanks, England, 27.10.2009
Barry Hands can you compare the creativity of adapting the Chopin masterpiece...Donna Summer version doesnt even include itm, then uses tacky moans etc...thats ok in other songs bit dont even compare the two
- Pete Brent, New York, United States, 06.07.2009
One year later........donna summer's version is my personal preference.
- duck, Tacarigua--Trinidad and Tobago, Other, 19.04.2009
- Mads, Sønderborg, Denmark, 29.03.2009
Both of them lose out to Take That dancing around a dirty lock up garage. Especially Robbie Williams with floppy hair and a white vest - not thatI've seen the video many times!!
- Bert, Coventry, England, 29.03.2008
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- 666, portugal, Portugal, 21.03.2008
Can we just blow this one up and call it a day?
- Jack, Columbus, United States, 17.11.2007
"Could It Be Magic" is a song by Adrienne Anderson and Barry Manilow. It was included on Manilow's 1973 debut album, Barry Manilow I. Due to its success, it was released as a single in 1975 where it reached #6 in the United States.
Donna Summer also sang the same song on her album Love Trilogy in 1976, and took it to the Top 3 on the US Dance chart.In the UK, the song is primarily associated with boy band Take That, who had a #3 UK hit in 1992 with a dance version. The song is based on Frédéric Chopin's Prelude in C Minor, Opus 28, Number 20, and Manilow's singing in the last verse fades into a straight performance of the last few bars of the Prelude. Well, Donna Summer had a competing version of that song which came out in the mid-1970s. I know Barry Manilow fans might not like this but I like her version better than his...sorrY!!!
- sandro da silva, rio de janeiro, Brazil, 30.10.2007
Donna Summer is that rarest of rare artists whose very name is synonymous with an entire genre. Dubbed the “Queen of Disco,” Summer is perhaps the first superstar seriously to marry electronic technology with the human voice.

From gay nightclubs to state fairs to high school proms in the 1970s and ’80s, you could hear the soaring majesty of “MacArthur Park,” the haunting eroticism of “Love to Love You Baby,” or the righteous anger of “She Works Hard for the Money.”
- Peter P., LA, United States, 30.10.2007
I corrected the voting, because one stupid guy tries to manipulate the result.
@Stupid Guy: You are just wasting your time!
- Michael, Hamburg, Germany, 24.07.2007
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