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Death Or Glory

I personally think that Social Distortion had nailed the song right on and made it as punk as possible.

- Ryan, Buffalo, United States, 24.06.2007

Social Distortion


The Clash

CD-Cover: Social Distortion - Lords of Dogtown 50 % 50 % CD-Cover: The Clash - London Calling
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Comments about Death Or Glory:

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Theres a reason the movie used Social Distortions version...Its better. The clash suck all around. Never had a good song until Social D came along and took it.
- Jason, Alaska, United States, 10.12.2010
I think you can hear how much Social D respects the Clash in the cover, which is exactly how it should be.

I do think it's unintentionally hilarious that some mook uses the term "shite" while bagging on the Clash's punk songs.
- holdfast, garageland, United States, 02.01.2010
The Clash's "punk rock" songs were boring shite. They sounded best doing the ska revival thing. They should have never attempted punk rock... but then again we wouldn't have great Clash covers like this one to realize how great those songs could be. As for all the covers The Clash did. Seek out the originals and you realize the Clash versions are overrated.
- roc, Anaheim, United States, 06.12.2009
Anyone who voted against the Clash should be dragged out back, beaten, and shot.

Some of these polls are Idiotic
- Charlie, West Lafayette, United States, 22.09.2009
I love both bands, and I have seen both Mike Ness (with social D) and Joe Strummer (without the clash sadly) Live. However this is a Clash song. End of story.
- Joe, San Francisco, United States, 14.09.2009
I don't like Social Distortion's cover.
The singer sounds so bored. And no one can cover Strummer.
- Vanja, Novi Sad, Serbia, 19.04.2009
Don't get me wrong - I LOVE Social D. Always have. But the Clash's "Death Or Glory" is a masterpiece that (I don't think) can be outdone. I don't really care for the Social D cover, but I love most Social D originals.
- Jimbo, San Diego, United States, 26.12.2008
I love the Clash, and I love SD too. Mike Ness made a great cover of Death or Glory, but Death or Glory IS a Clash' song.
And when a song BELONGS to a band you can cover it, but not take it away from its band
Hey marry Christian ahahahah!
- SaintJohnny, Padova, Italy, 30.12.2007
Clash!! Why have a cover when you have the original? Except perhaps when the Sex Pistols covered "My Way". Now THAT was an upgrade
- JP, Santa Cruz, United States, 25.12.2007
Are you kidding? Mike Ness can't even say the line "He who fucks nuns will later join the church!" What a wuss. The Clash is the only band that matters.
- Wrecked, Cleveland, United States, 27.10.2007
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