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If I Were A Rich Man / Rich Girl

It is a shame, that the cover version mutilates such a great song...

- Fideldidel, Aachen, Deutschland, 14.07.2007

Gwen Stefani


Musical "Anatevka" - Fiddler On The Roof

CD-Cover: Gwen Stefani - Rich Girl 46.6 % 53.4 % CD-Cover: Musical "Anatevka" - Fiddler On The Roof - Fiddler on the Roof
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Gwen Stefani 989 Votes Musical "Anatevka" - Fiddler On The Roof

Comments about If I Were A Rich Man / Rich Girl:

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I LOVE Gwen and this song. she is my favorite singer!
- Naree, Akron, United States, 09.01.2010
gwen is the guuurrlll =)
she is so bling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P
luv ya xx
- Loopy, LaLa Land, Monaco, 10.07.2009
She is very unoriginal. The Fiddler on the Roof is a classic, and although I enjoy covers and individual artists' interpretations of songs, she could have done more with this. However, kudos to her for bringing a classic back.
- Moriah, Here, United States, 13.04.2009
ooooh gwen is soooo nice!!!
she sings the song soooooo much better than mr fiddler!!
- Gogo, Radom, Poland, 18.02.2009
Her version is not the original remake of the fiddler of the roof version. Hers is a remake of a remake. Great Gwen take all the credit
- Bad Gal, Kingston, Other, 14.08.2008
I love gwen...she has made us japanese people very happy. She created the Harajaku girls and i am very grateful. She is one of the best singers in this world and i don't understand why some people are so against her.
- Saki, Osaka, Japan, 27.04.2008
I hate this gurl! she sucks
- Molly, Liverpool, England, 19.04.2008
this song it is old!!!
- Tanya, chilliwack, Canada, 19.04.2008
this song it is old!!!
- stephanie, chilliwack, Canada, 19.04.2008
I love gwen, but I do like the original. Many of her songs are remakes. Not that they are bad remakes, but remakes none the less.
- Amanda, Yardley, United States, 01.02.2008
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