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One is a classic power ballad that screams "1980s!" The other is a Euro-dance techno staple worthy of inclusion in the soundtrack to Dance Dance Revolution. Both are extremely insipid, yet both are extremely catchy.

Bryan Adams serves up a slice of a decade many of us would rather forget, complete with early-generation synthesizer lines and that oh-so-dated snare drum sound. More recently, DJ Sammy managed to do him one better and transform Adams' song into an even more soulless rave-friendly dance tune.

So the real question, then, is: Which of these tracks can you not help but find yourself hopelessly addicted to?

- Gant, New York, United States, 14.10.2005

DJ Sammy


Bryan Adams

CD-Cover: DJ Sammy - Heaven 34.5 % 65.5 % CD-Cover: Bryan Adams - Reckless
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DJ Sammy 982 Votes Bryan Adams

Comments about Heaven:

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Love Bryan !!!!!
- Renata, Victoria, Canada, 13.09.2006
Dj Sammy has the silliest haircut, the most euphoric synths, and my vote!
- Ben, London, England, 07.11.2005
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