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This version by Disturbed is really awesome!! I can only recommend to listen to it. Disturbed rules!!!

- Bea, Bensheim, Deutschland, 14.07.2007



Tears for Fears

CD-Cover: Disturbed - The Sickness 61.5 % 38.5 % CD-Cover: Tears for Fears - Songs From The Big Chair
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Disturbed 933 Votes Tears for Fears

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well i love disturbed but i love the original alot more but both very good and speaking of TFF where are they now
- marktisgod, nj, United States, 05.02.2011
I'd never have admitted in my youth but the TFF original is superior - much more progressive than I gave them credit for back in 1985, and an excellent guitar solo at the end from Roland Orzabal. He even poses on a cliff with the guitar in true rock style in the video!
- Ronnie, Liverpool, England, 24.01.2011
Disturbed made an awesome version of it. But sometimes I like to chill a bit more and listen to the softer Tears for Fears song. Sometimes it depends on the mood, but on any given day, my vote goes to Disturbed. Eff you all who don't think so!!!
- Jack Link, Wilderness, United States, 03.11.2010
I like them both.....xP to BlazeEx21 disturbed is a great band!!! All four of their albums platinum bet u listen to Miley Cyrus
I also heard some group did a cover on this song omfg they ughh they fukkin ruined it!!!! Look up alczar- this is the world we live in -.-"" it' is sooooooooo fukkin bad!!!!
- Asylum, Hell,, United States, 03.10.2010
Distrurbed is better obviously, but this song belong to Tears for Fears and they sing it better.
- Rod, Chicago, United States, 20.02.2010
The Disturbed is a hell of a lot better that the Tears for Frears
- Maximus, St. Louis, United States, 19.02.2010
Disturbed is unoriginal fodder for simple minds.
- Mexico, Chico, United States, 12.01.2010
Disturbed took a classic song and modernized it into what couldve been an instant classic, So I'm going with my all time favorite band Disturbed
- Darren, Burrillville, RI, United States, 18.12.2009
I don't consider myself a Distured fan, but they did a good job on this song, but still my hats off to the original.
- Jaa, Rossville, United States, 26.10.2009
Disturbed is a crap band. their cover of this and a few other songs were not bad. but Tears for Fears Is classic disturbed's just an shitty band
- BlazeEx21, Canterbury, England, 03.06.2009
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