Cover vs. Original

With A Little Help From My Friends

No contest. Joe vs Ringo = Joe all the way
Cocker is still one of the best cover song singers ever.

- zuger, cambridge, Canada, 14.07.2007

Joe Cocker


The Beatles

CD-Cover: Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends 52.2 % 47.8 % CD-Cover: The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
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Joe Cocker 1371 Votes The Beatles

Comments about With A Little Help From My Friends:

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Joe Cocker is the *ONLY* artist I have ever heard cover a Beatles' tune better than The Beatles. (Perhaps it's because it was a Ringo song, not Lennon/McCartney, who's to say?) Changing the meter to 3/4... a risky move but it's dead-on here. Any time you can improve on the Beatles, you should get plenty of credit.
- Jeff, Mahopac, United States, 19.10.2008
Feel free to cover a Beatles song, but I've never heard a cover version of a Beatles song that I have liked better than the original. The fab four had a masterful talent for pressing records in their finest form.
- Dan, Batavia, NY, United States, 07.10.2008
Joe's cover is way too bombastic...
I'll go with The Beatles, no doubt..
- Limor, Ganei Tiqva, Israel, 20.04.2008
Cocker is a dumbass cock master!!!
- ?, Toronto, Canada, 02.08.2007
beatles all the way!! Ok Ringo is not thebest singer, but niether is cocker, big cock!
- Tom, Canssa, United States, 17.07.2007
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