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Mr. Blue Sky

Taking a song such as 'Mr Blue Sky' and making it sound like it does, the Delgados must have genius. The original by ELO just sounds too fake, too whispered, too drunk. Emma Pollock masters the vocals beautifully, making the cover much better than the original. Props to the Delgados.

- Jack, Victoria, Canada, 22.07.2007

The Delgados


E.L.O. (Electric Light Orchestra)

CD-Cover: The Delgados - The Complete BBC Peel Sessions 19 % 81 % CD-Cover: E.L.O. (Electric Light Orchestra) - ELO's Greatest Hits
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The Delgados 343 Votes E.L.O. (Electric Light Orchestra)

Comments about Mr. Blue Sky:

The Delgados version is too slow and just not joyous enough. Joy! It's the entire point of this song.
- Marc, Natick, United States, 19.02.2011
I was re-introduced to this song by the movie "Martian Child" so in looking for a version to put on my iPod I listened to both. I have to say the ELO version seems to capture more of the song's feeling... but I did purchase both!
- Scott, Tulsa, United States, 12.03.2008
I agree. The Delgados do a much better job with the song.
- Stefan Hayden, Boston, MA, United States, 26.07.2007
No one could ever possibly touch Electric Light Orchestra when it comes to this song. It's amazing.
- Roni, Laguna Hills, United States, 23.07.2007
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