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This was tough to even decide which was the cover and which was the original. While Willie wrote it he did not record it until well after Patsy Cline had made it famous. I have to give this to Willie though, Patsy's is amazing and she was brilliant but Willie just has so much emotion and life experience behind it. It almost makes you crazy.

- Ben, Portland, United States, 22.07.2007

Willie Nelson


Patsy Cline

CD-Cover: Willie Nelson - VH1 Storytellers [LIVE] 22.3 % 77.7 % CD-Cover: Patsy Cline - Patsy Cline - The Definitive Collection
Results of the voting: Cover versus Original
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Willie Nelson 233 Votes Patsy Cline

Comments about Crazy:

Patsy is the best voice in the history of the world. Hats off to Willie for writing this, but patsy owns it.
- Slotcar Bob, Petaluma, United States, 06.11.2009
Well, Willie wrote the song and I love the way he sings it, but Patsy's rendition gets my vote!
- Alan, Sarasota, United States, 11.08.2008
Willie singing makes the song so perfect.
- rafael, rio de janeiro, Brazil, 23.07.2008
I voted Patsy Cline because she is such an insperation to me. I have sang many of her songs including "Crazy" in many talent shows including the Jackson Michigan fair. I just love her so much!! I wish I could have heard her sing in public.
- Autumn, Jackson, United States, 20.07.2008
I voted for Willie because he is such a prolific and amazing writer...I prefer to listen to Patsy's version...but all of my my fave songs of hers are his as I voted Willie. Now I just have to say to Willie Nelson, please come to Kansas City again, I have to see you!
- Lemissa, LawrencefuckingKansas, United States, 27.11.2007
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