Cover vs. Original

Cinnamon Girl

I like the Type O Negative version. They did not simply "cover" or "remake" the song; they reinvented it.

- Julie, Texas, USA, 22.07.2007

Type O Negative


Neil Young

CD-Cover: Type O Negative - October Rust 44.9 % 55.1 % CD-Cover: Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
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Type O Negative 399 Votes Neil Young

Comments about Cinnamon Girl:

im 58 yrs old and i like TON much better
- paula, georgetown, United States, 14.05.2010
I cringe whenever I hear the Neil Young version, but Type O Negative took a worthless song and turned it into gold. Anyone who voted for Young is over 45 or never heard the Type O cover.
- Tay, Grand Forks, United States, 23.04.2008
I always liked it when Neil did it... but Type O really nails it with that drum line. It's one of the best songs to move to I've ever heard. Their version gets me writhing wherever I am.

Hell yeah.
- Deathray Sunshine, Pittsburgh, United States, 31.12.2007
Killdozer version of this song is better than both!
- Marah, Zagreb, Croatia, 09.11.2007
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