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In 1970 the Beach Boys recorded the wonderful "Forever" which was sung by Dennis Wilson who sadly left this earth too soon. In 1992 the band had a guest appearance in the tv show "Full House". There they sung "Forever" with Uncle Jessie (John Stamos) singing the lead vocals and even put it one of their albums. For me the original remains unsurpassed.

- Thomas, Passau, Deutschland, 30.07.2007

John Stamos & The Beach Boys


The Beach Boys

CD-Cover: John Stamos & The Beach Boys - Summer in Paradise 9.6 % 90.4 % CD-Cover: The Beach Boys - Sunflower
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Comments about Forever:

Dennis also co-wrote 'You Are So Beautiful' with Billy Preston. Obvious when you think of 'Forever'.
- Gaz , Auckland, New Zealand, 23.09.2010
Denny's versin's so heartfelt and honest. John Stamos is sappy and scary.
- Claudia, Loong Beach, United States, 25.04.2010
John Stamos is FRIGGIN HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- I love Stamos, Zulkeskiland, United States, 14.09.2009
"Summer in Paradise" is a "GREAT" album but denny's version of "Forever" is "MUCH" better and more "BEAUTIFUL"
- Mattias Schöning, Säffle, Sweden, 13.07.2008
It is such a sweet and romantice song.
- Esther, Morgan Hill, United States, 16.05.2008
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