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Change is Gonna Come

This was close.

- Milton, Peoria, United States, 05.08.2006

Gavin DeGraw


Sam Cooke

CD-Cover: Gavin DeGraw - Chariot Stripped 31.6 % 68.4 % CD-Cover: Sam Cooke - Portrait of a Legend 1951-1964
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Gavin DeGraw 253 Votes Sam Cooke

Comments about Change is Gonna Come:

A wonderful and moving rendition! There is no need to compare...just share.
- Dantz, Flint, United States, 22.12.2009
Seal has done a cover as well! Nice too!
- DADA, amsterdam, Netherlands, 02.10.2009
Seal has done a cover as well! Nice too!
- DADA, amsterdam, Netherlands, 02.10.2009
Sorry, i meant without demolishing.
- Kelly, Sydney, Australia, 15.02.2009
Total disrespect?! He sang the song IN respect for Sam Cooke. Gavin loved the song so much he put it on his album, if anything it's a tribute to Sam. And i love the 'Grit' in Gavin's voice, he makes the song his own with demolishing all that is great with the song.
- Kelly, Sydney, Australia, 15.02.2009
There's a more recent cover of this song:

Leela James - A Change is Gonna Come (homonymous album of 2005).
- Irina, Lisbon, Portugal, 23.06.2008
gavin is an impressive talent, but chandler is right - leave well enough alone. sam's performance, with his smooth, cool voice, is almost effortlessly soulful. gavin's got a lot of grit in voice, but in this case there's no comparison to cooke's original. perhaps it has something to do with singing through the meaning of the son, reportedly written by Cooke during the Civil Rights movement as an answer to Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind."
- joe, washington, dc, United States, 07.06.2008
Although Degraw has a Excellant voice,,,DON'T PLAY WITH FIRE!!!This song was written for it's purpose and never should have been enter into a contest of comparison. This song is personal and this contest undermines the reasoning of why the song was written. In my opinion the song should be removed from his album, because listening & singing the song to himself, the words should say to him that this song... is what is and not meant for me. Don't let the press full ya...Cooke died for the meaning and the reasoning of the songs general purpose...In my opinion this is TOTAL Disrespect...
- RESTARKS, CHANDLER, United States, 05.03.2008
im in love with a boy named jonathan simon!! i will love him forever and he doesn't even know it....
- mia, greensboro, United States, 23.01.2008
i believe gavin degraw's version is much better. he just has this raw talent and so much soul and feeling in his voice. he is just amazing. he got me through some hard times and i love him for that. he needs to put our another record.
- mia caitlyn, raleigh, United States, 23.01.2008
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