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Tom Traubert's Blues / Waltzing Matilda

The song Waltzing Matilda is a cover version of Tom Waits' song Tom Traubert's Blues. But even Tom didn't write this song on his own. The basis of this song is an Australian folk song.

- Lutz, Leipzig, Deutschland, 05.08.2007

Rod Steward


Tom Waits

CD-Cover: Rod Steward - The Story So Far - The Very Best of Rod Stewart 19.7 % 80.3 % CD-Cover: Tom Waits - Small Change
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Rod Steward 716 Votes Tom Waits

Comments about Tom Traubert's Blues / Waltzing Matilda:

Some prick with a mullet or one of the coolest men alive? Hmmm....

- Dan, Liverpool, England, 29.10.2010
Exactly, it is Rod StewarT. Tom Waits, definitely.
- Lennart, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 16.05.2008
Rod Stewart needs to be stopped.
- Brian Otano, Brooklyn, United States, 07.11.2007
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