Cover vs. Original

Bizarre love triangle

Here it is quite hard to decide. New Order is one of my favourite bands, but the cover version is really good. Finally a cover version with its own ideas!

- Frank, Wilhelmshaven, Deutschland, 05.08.2007

Commercial Breakup


New Order

CD-Cover: Commercial Breakup - Global Player 20.3 % 79.7 % CD-Cover: New Order - Best of New Order
Results of the voting: Cover versus Original
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Commercial Breakup 305 Votes New Order

Comments about Bizarre love triangle:

Frente.. HANDS DOWN...
- Yuki, Manila, Other, 14.07.2009
Check out the Stabbing Westward cover too if you get a chance. Though I'll always prefer the original =D
- Daisjun, Sydney, Australia, 26.10.2007
I agree with Jason....The best ever made cover of this song is by Frente...
- Grishenko, Iquique, Chile, 11.10.2007
The best version of this song is by Frente.
- Jason, Watford, England, 06.08.2007
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