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Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)

So that we finally have an entry beginning with Q :)

Edit: It's quite hard to decide here, which is cover and which one is original. Bob Dylan wrote this song, Manfed Mann first recorded it in 1968 and two years later Bob Dylan released it on his album.

- Werner, Zwickau, Deutschland, 23.08.2007

Manfred Mann


Bob Dylan

CD-Cover: Manfred Mann - Complete Greatest Hits 63-03 61.7 % 38.3 % CD-Cover: Bob Dylan - Self Portrait
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Comments about Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn):

Manfred Mann took what is obviously a joke song and made it way too serious and hippy dippy. Dylan's version fits the lyrics better. You get a sense that he's barely keeping a straight face through the song. And the Band's drunken-sounding backup vocals add to the chaos.
- JD, Atlanta, Ga, United States, 28.10.2010
In this case, Manfred Mann actually made something more interesting out of what is, after all, a minor Dylan effort.
- Rob L., Vancouver, United States, 26.08.2010
Bob Dylan Wrote the song he4 recorded a DEMO VERSION THAT WAS raw not some studio polished version are people retarded mannfred manns earth band didn't write a single hit song that was theres they were the biggest commercial puppets of their generation fuck them everyone of there hits is either written by bruce springsteen or bob dylan fuck them dylans better don't be dumb
- nick, shit bag, United States, 25.12.2008
Dylan is a great singer.. just unorthodox... with very few exceptions, his originals are FAR superior to covers
- Saad, fishers, United States, 29.07.2008
Dylan should stick to writing (which he's great at)and give up singing
- JT, Littleton, United States, 29.12.2007
I'm constantly humming this song. It is awesome!
- Jason, Cochrane, Canada, 07.12.2007
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