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Love Song

The 311 cover of this song is best known from the film 50 First Dates. Both versions are fantastic, but I have to go with the cover, because 311 does an amazing job mellowing out the song.

- Sarah, New York, United States, 23.08.2007



The Cure

CD-Cover: 311 - Greatest Hits '93-'03 41.9 % 58.1 % CD-Cover: The Cure - Disintegration
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Comments about Love Song:

The 311 version doesn't stay true to the essence of the original song. The song is Robert Smith's wedding present to his wife, and 311's over-sexualized cover doesn't reflect that at all-- it makes me think of sweaty people in a musky room grinding on each other. I mean, it's not really a song to be covered to begin with, but if a group does cover it then they should do it in a way that personalizes it, but also keeps inline, tonally, with Robert Smith's interpretation of love. A hint of gloominess and sobering sincerity is a must.
- Frank, Napa, United States, 21.12.2010
The 311 version is alright, and it's certainly chill and relaxing. The Cure's original, however, has the power to make me cry, and it manages that emotional strength without doing all that much at once, musically. That's worth more to me.
- Asa, Boston, United States, 06.06.2010
I agree with "Noria" it depends on my mood... both version are great, but if you want an excellent reggae version, then *Pasha's* is definitely it
- Daun, Milford, United States, 14.07.2008
I think it depends on the mood you're in. When it's a cool summer breezy day, I'll put in 311's version but when I'm into listening to retro 80's music the Cure's version is it.
- Noria, Dallas, United States, 31.05.2008
Let's not start by saying "All people who think the Original version is better than the cover are blinded by a fanatic point of view." That's just does not ring true. Professional musician or not, both version are excellent. But the truth of the matter is that this cover version does not measure up to the original.
- "The Rock", New York, United States, 01.04.2008
All the people that thinks that the The Cure version is better is just blinded by their fanatic point of view.
I am a professional musician who grew up listening to the cure and likes them and respects them quite a lot, and I can tell you that the 311 version is excellent. And personally, I like it better.
And is not reggae, is dub.
- [drumon], guanajuato, Mexico, 26.03.2008
Why the hell would anyone make a reggae inflected cure cover?
- Josephine, Flint, United States, 27.12.2007
The 311 version is virtually unlistanble in its mediocrity. They did not "make the song their own".
- Mike, Auburn, United States, 12.11.2007
This is a no-brainer! The Cure's version is incredible.
- B., Cárdenas, United States, 30.10.2007
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