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Twist and Shout

Shamefully, I only recently found out that the version I love was that recorded by The Beatles. I wondered which one all of you prefered.

Edit by admin: I've just read at that the original was recorderd by a band called The Top Notes in 1961. But the song became popular by the Isley Brothers.

- Alex, London, England, 16.11.2007

The Beatles


The Isley Brothers

CD-Cover: The Beatles - Please Please Me 73.2 % 26.8 % CD-Cover: The Isley Brothers - Shake It Up, Baby: Shout, Twist and Shout
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Comments about Twist and Shout:

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I go for The Beatles because my favorite group are white and my brother's are black
- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 08.03.2011
Meio óbvio.
- Daniel Dickson, Natal, Brazil, 02.01.2011
John Lennon-10.0
Ronald Isley-9.25

- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 11.12.2010
AAOOOWWW! John Lennon is a much better screamer than Ronald Isley.
My favorite group is The Beatles.
At my school most of the white kids like The Beatles and most of the black kids like The Isley Brothers
- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 05.12.2010
Woah! Mate is not good with this mate mate holy mate dingo!?!?!?
- Garnet Picard Ham, Chuggaaconroy, Australia, 27.10.2010
The Beatles took a comparatively laid-back dance number and turned up the energy level a few notches while stripping down the arrangement to their basic three guitars with drums set up. The intense urgency of Lennon's vocal can be fascinating or disturbing, depending on taste. The result is white-hot rather than warm, as the Isley's take on the song was. I'm still fond of Lennon's ballsy approach.
- Rob L., Vancouver, United States, 26.08.2010
Isleys version sucks balls, it has no energy in it, Beatles make it hard rock, lennon makes it even more hard rock with his graspy vocals.
beatles own isleys on any level.
- Dominik, Cologne, Germany, 18.08.2010
There is no contest... the Isley Brothers rule this song. Their voices are more fit for this song than the Beatles; to me, the Beatles sound funny when they sing it. Ronald Isley is soooo upbeat and has the perfact vibrato to his singing voice. I don't know why there is a comparison.
- Gracie, KK, United States, 13.03.2010
Comparing the Isley Brothers to the Beatles is embarassing. The Isley Brothers vocals sound amateurish and weak. If it waqs a fight, it would have been stopped in the first 10 seconds of the 1st round.
- Rod, Chicago, United States, 20.02.2010
The Isley Brothers version is better, there is just way too much Beatle fanboyism. Especially with Long Tall Sally! The Little Richard version is MILES ahead of the Beatles version... but I don't think Little Richard could do Beatles songs better than the Beatles either. Both were brilliant.
- Ronny, Liverpool, England, 12.01.2010
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