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Because the Night

When paying tribute to woman (no, a punk goddess) who spent much of her career fighting censorship and especially radio censorship, what kind of an idiot changes the lyrics of her most popular tune in an attempt to "de-sexify" them and get more commercial exposure? Natalie Merchant and the boys made a noble attempt at this song during their unplugged but by changing or muttering certain lines to make the highly sexual song more friendly for the top 40's chart, I think the whole band deserves to lie in a gutter and rot for the rest of their careers. Plus, Lenny Kaye's guitat solo in the original just makes your spine tingle with angst. Long live Patti the Punk Priestess!

- Kevkov, Moscow, Russia, 22.10.2005

10,000 Maniacs


Patti Smith

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Kevkov is just plain wrong.
His allegation that the Maniacs changed the lyrics to "de-sexify" the song is utter nonsense. Nathalie Merchant sings only one line differently from Patti Smith: near the end she sings "Take me now, take me now, take me now" instead of "Touch me now, touch me now, touch me now". This is of course the opposite of "de-sexifying", it is more explicit.

Patti Smith's version of the song is an enduring classic (I saw her doing it live ages ago, and still remember the excitement). This does'nt mean you have to hate every other version. Nathalie Merchant has a decent go at it.
- jan van aelst, antwerp, Belgium, 27.01.2006
didn't bruce springsteen actually write this song?
- sam, Richmond, United States, 11.01.2006
what kevkov said! Natalie Merchant's version should be banned from the radio.
- Steve, New York, United States, 07.01.2006
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