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I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone

I love both of these versions actually.
And let's face these bands both suffered at the hands of the corporate types & they were both chosen & judged largely on their image, often wrongly. Musically they both struggled to be taken seriously.
As it turned-out, as it does every day across the world, a man's life was lost as others turned their backs on him to count the $ they squeezed out of him.
They then stepped over his body & on to the next poor soul. I'll choose the Monkees version, Micky sounds really great on this one; young & fiesty & self-respecting.

- T. Annis, Boston, Mass., USA, Other, 24.10.2005

Sex Pistols


The Monkees

CD-Cover: Sex Pistols - Flooging a Dead Horse 45 % 55 % CD-Cover: The Monkees - More of the Monkees
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Comments about I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone:

Minor Threat>both
- T D, Phoenix, United States, 31.10.2010
But really, I prefer the Paul Revere and the Raiders version.
- M.R., Cincinnati, United States, 11.12.2009
What about Minor Threat's version? I think it blows both of these away.
- Sticky, Berkeley, United States, 23.04.2008
I think that the Sex Pistols are only better for this song because they actually weren't anybody's stepping stone. That's why they got banned from so many places, they wouldn't take it from anyone, no matter what they threatened. But the Monkees are OK too. It's just that the Pistols actually abided by that sentiment.
- rudy, jasper, Canada, 04.11.2007
Decca Original By " The Flies " in 1966
Album - Decca Originals ( The UK Freakbeat Scene 66 to 68 )
- Colbol, Bridgend, Wales, 18.11.2006
Decca Original By " The Flies " in 1966
Album - Decca Originals ( The UK Freakbeat Scene 66 to 68 )
- Colbol, Bridgend, Wales, 18.11.2006
There's more instrumentation with the pistols, but you can't understand a word they are saying. I'll stick with the monkee's version
- steve, chicago, United States, 25.08.2006 all version in videos
- Ramone, Punkoland, Other, 04.08.2006
Yeah you're right, the Monkees' version was a cover, & yeah the original is damn good. I'm not sure if I've heard it before. Paul Revere & the Raiders released it in May 1966 on their Midnight Run Album (according to band member Mark Lindsay's website) & the Monkees released it as a single in November 1966, a few weeks before More... was released in early 1967.
It seems Micky & the boys were fans of Paul's band as the Monkees later covered "Kicks" in 1986, which was one of Paul Revere & the Raiders most famous songs, though nowadays it's really only heard on oldies stations.
All that said, I still feel that the Monkees & the Sex Pistols' versions made the most waves.
- T. Annis, Boston, Mass., USA, Other, 26.10.2005
Actually the Monkee's version is not the original. I have found another version by Paul Revere & The Raiders (1966). A sample of this version you can find here. In my opinion it sounds even better.
- Michael, Hamburg, Germany, 26.10.2005
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