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Wild Horses

Many people have covered this song (as recent as Alicia Keys), but Gram Parsons was actually able to record a version of "Wild Horses" BEFORE the Stones released their landmark recording, due to his close relatinoship with the band (some say he was the inspiration as well). That said, they're both amazing, and fairly similar, but I'd say the Stones just barely edge out the Flying Burrito Brothers.

- Matt, New York, United States, 26.10.2005

The Rolling Stones


The Flying Burrito Brothers

CD-Cover: The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers 46.8 % 53.2 % CD-Cover: The Flying Burrito Brothers - Burrito Deluxe
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The Rolling Stones 930 Votes The Flying Burrito Brothers

Comments about Wild Horses:

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Jake is a fag
- fag hater, USA, United States, 09.12.2010
FBB version is the best, stones sticky fingers version is over produced, it has too many over dubs. Compare FBB to the stones stripped, FBB is the best.
- Roel, McAllen, TX, United States, 04.11.2010
Mick fakes it,Gram has got the accent...need I say more.
- Paul Brown, London, England, 10.09.2010
I saw both bands perform this song live, the Stones many times. I remember Parsons version tearing through me. Mick... not so much.
- Pop, NH, United States, 05.09.2010
I like Elvis Costello singing this with Lucinda Williams. Wonderful!
- Cindy, Sherwood Park, Canada, 10.09.2009
Please.... Kiddies.... FBB by far!! The One!!!! The Only!!!! The Original!!!! Sure the Strolling Bones had Mick.... FBB had the Master in Mr. Parsons!
- Gene, Ohio's North Coast, United States, 27.07.2009
I was listening to the Flying Burrito Brothers, Gram Parsons, Stones, etc. etc. when you children were still messing your pants!! Song was FIRST done by the FBB and that is the end of the discussion. Now, go clean yourselves off and get over it.
- Jake, State College, United States, 23.01.2009
They are completely different I can't pick a winner. I love them both.
- BJ, Austin, United States, 16.11.2008
gram parsons!he was a wonderful man..I like to think this song is just appeared...come out from his heart
- francesca, casarano, Italy, 20.09.2008
Rolling Stones...
- Omar, Tijuana, Mexico, 16.05.2008
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