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It's My Life

I never understood why No Doubt is considered to be a throw-back to the 80's.

- Matt, New York, United States, 28.10.2005

No Doubt


Talk Talk

CD-Cover: No Doubt - The Singles: 1992-2003 39.7 % 60.3 % CD-Cover: Talk Talk - It's My Life
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Comments about It's My Life:

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A huge TALK TALK fan, so gets my vote NO DOUBT! Having saying that, it was great to see someone pay homeage to Talk Talk and cover them, and guess this is one of the more universal songs of Talk talk, that speak to people, through the words and also just overall, even though for me many other of their songs, for me are superior.
The sad thing, though is that alot of people, do not even know that the No Doubt version, is a cover version.
I do not mind either version, but yes, Talk Talk of course, is the better one.
- Pete!!!!, Kyneton, Australia, 25.09.2010
The classic original by Talk Talk is far superior. Mark Hollis & Talk Talk are incomparable. Mark's voice will go down as one of the most distinctive & incredible in pop music history, & his creativity & talent are unmatchable. Talk Talk was amazing & 1 of the best pop bands ever.
- Kevin, Washington, DC, United States, 20.09.2010
No Doubt.
- Davon, Orlando, United States, 17.08.2010
I am biased: I heard the ND version first, so I'm voting for that. However, I think both the original and the cover are quite good.
- Ben, Boston, United States, 21.03.2010
Smart move for Gwen Stefani and No Doubt to cover a Talk Talk song. Even though their version is trash compared to the original, they still hit with this superior song. Not surprising considering the mediocre noise that passes for music on current charts.
- 4gsl, Detroit, United States, 28.01.2010
Mark Hollis is awesome! Best male vocalist ever! I saw one comment that criticized the vocals on Talk Talk "It's My Life." I never ever want to hear to the bands this guy listens to. No taste whatsoever.
- 4gsl, Detroit, United States, 28.01.2010
Talk Talk by a long, long, long way.
- 4gsl, Detroit, United States, 28.01.2010
Talk Talk hands down. There is no comparison. Is No Doubt's bad? Eh, I would not call it bad, but simply more blah.
- Alex, Youngstown, United States, 27.01.2010
The "No Doubt" version of this song is a sacrilegious, grossly inferior blight.

One has to stop and truly wonder how and why Gwen Stefani and clan ever thought themselves musically capable of approaching "Talk Talk".

The shame of this is, a lot of people who've only ever heard the horrific No Doubt version of this tune will likely never know it's a pale, anemic cover of a truly classic, powerful original by a band (Talk Talk) whose musicianship and songwriting makes No Doubt seem like so much cotton candy compared to a full-on holiday dinner.

Sad. But as Talk Talk clearly rules this vote, it's obvious that I'm far from the only one who sees the No Doubt version for what it is: Garbage.
- Mr. Caples, Las Vegas, United States, 29.07.2009
Although I voted for Talk Talk, I must say No Doubt had a good idea. Specifically, the verse portions of their version are somewhat interesting. The synth homage, updated bassline and her voice in the lower register works for me. However, during the chorus out comes the "I'm Just A Girl" voice and the terrible fuzz box effect. I'd give them half a vote if I could.
- Moncrief, Washington DC, United States, 21.10.2008
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