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Higher Ground

I like the Chili Peppers' cover-- it's good seeing a funky band of white guys take on Stevie Wonder-- but no one outdoes Stevie Wonder.

- Matt, New York, United States, 29.10.2005

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Stevie Wonder

CD-Cover: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mother's Milk 55.4 % 44.6 % CD-Cover: Stevie Wonder - Innervisions
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Red Hot Chili Peppers 1576 Votes Stevie Wonder

Comments about Higher Ground:

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Stevie Wonder is undoubtedly the greatest artist (singer/songwriter/musician) of our time. His creativity and originality is unequaled by of any other artist.
- Davon, Orlando, United States, 05.12.2010
I think the synth on Stevie's version works better than RHCP's guitars. It makes it way more funky.
- JD, Atlanta, Ga, United States, 28.10.2010
If I coul vote for both, i do it, both are great
- Bobby, Guatemala, Other, 26.11.2009
I never thought I'd prefer anyone singing Stevie's songs other than him but RHCP have absolutely nailed this. Just about my favourite cover
- Ruth, Melbourne, Australia, 02.10.2009
Stevie without question, one of the best songs from a Perfect Album "Innervisions". Stevie is one of the greatest artist in any field of the 20th century.
- Milton, Dallas, United States, 30.09.2009
A good cover song has to reinvent a song not just make it funkier. The original is one of the best songs ever made, RHCP dont reinvent, and could never out-funk Stevie anyway.
- Eddie, Chepstow, Wales, 22.05.2009
for me Stevie totally clicks on this song. Great song writing, great vocals - the man is playing just about everything you hear on this track - his keyboard work rides the deepest groove ever put on vinyl.
- Duncan Stuart, Auckland, New Zealand, 03.12.2008
la cancion es de stevie el la hizo tuvo mas exito y la canta mejor stevie the genius, stevie nonbre one
- xavi, barcelona, Spain, 11.08.2008
My kids thought the RHCP was the orig, then I played Stevie for them and they got FUNKY!
- John D, Houston, United States, 03.06.2008
Me and stevie we be sailin' on...see sailin on... great Stevie Wonder song better Chili Peppers song
- Jim, Rome, United States, 19.01.2008
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