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Can't Help Falling In Love

I'm no Elvis fan, but I HATE UB40. How did their version become a hit?!

- Matt, New York, United States, 29.10.2005



Elvis Presley

CD-Cover: UB40 - Promises and Lies 14.2 % 85.8 % CD-Cover: Elvis Presley - Blue Hawaii
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UB40 4392 Votes Elvis Presley

Comments about Can't Help Falling In Love:

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Elvis Forever, No Comparison!
- John, Toronto, Canada, 13.01.2007
- ELVIS-IS-HOT, SOMEWERE, Australia, 07.09.2006
nah Elvis was hot and a great singer he could sing nd i would still fall inlove
- Sarah, ACT, Australia, 07.09.2006
i think only elvis sung it like it was ment to be sung
- ice-elvis, australia, Australia, 19.03.2006
I think Elvis is great, as is his version. But the UB40 was great in its time with the cool beat, video from Sliver with Sharon Stone in her prime, etc.
- David, New York, United States, 08.02.2006
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