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I'm So Glad

I first heard "I'm So Glad" through Cream's version on their debut album. Later, I heard Skip James' 1964 version, not exactly the original (which dated from 1931), but one by the original artist recorded thirty years later and with much improved clarity.

For his haunting falsetto, Skip James gets my vote. Of course, the version by Cream is infinitely more popular, though James himself was no fan of it. Cream certainly helped clueless white kids to discover the blues, whether or not they realized it.

- Bob, Columbia, MO, United States, 06.11.2005



Skip James

CD-Cover: Cream - Fresh Cream 57.9 % 42.1 % CD-Cover: Skip James - Today!
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Comments about I'm So Glad:

Love both Cream and Skip James...but I prefer Skip's version. He's one of my favorite bluesmen and he played like no-one. A musical genius
- Luca Mazzola, Palermo, Italy, 10.01.2009
even if i love cream, my vote goes to skip james' version
- kim, nancy, France, 25.04.2008
I've listened to a lot of blues over the past 30 years, but I'd never really listened to Skip James until this year. To me, he ranks right with Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. I have the 1931 version and the 1964 version -- both are great, and his falsetto is definitive.

Hey, Cream was great, but this is no contest. Skip James in a landslide.
- Scott French, Garden Grove, United States, 13.07.2007
i think cream changed the song enough, like Zeppelin's Dazed and confused as aposed to Jakes Holme's version, it's alot diferent from the original.
- James, Melbourne, Australia, 08.01.2006
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