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Stop Your Sobbing

I have listened to Kinks version since I bought their first album. And loved it. But the version by Hynde & co is better. It has a better groove, than the young boys in Kinks could achieve in 64. My vote goes to Pretenders.

- Jonas Lindblad, Stockholm, Sweden, 07.11.2005

The Pretenders


The Kinks

CD-Cover: The Pretenders - Pretenders 48.5 % 51.5 % CD-Cover: The Kinks - Kinks
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Comments about Stop Your Sobbing:

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I bet Chrissie would say she prefers the Kinks version. That's why she covered it. To her it's an homage, not one-upmanship.
- Jon, Arlington VA, United States, 23.09.2010
Chrissie is still writing new material and performing hot, hot live shows. Ray, well, he's re-treading old material with a vocal-choir back-up. Hmm.

All us Kinks fans should stop our sobbing.
- Jeff, LA, United States, 26.02.2010
The Kinks are amazing, and will be remembered as an amazing group. This song is just proof of their talent. My vote goes to The Kinks. No doubt.
- O., New York, United States, 23.02.2010
The Kinks made some of the best music of the sixties. Chrissie Hynde is at best a mediocre talent that will not be remembered for much. Waterloo Sunset...You really got me..Tired of waiting for you. As Ray has said himself, his songs are not bested by anything the Beatles did and I agree with him. Waterloo Sunset is one of the best songs of the era and better than anything that the Beatles ever recorded.
- ian, bordeaux, France, 10.10.2009
Sorry Ray...Chrissy ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- El Lay Mike, Chicago, United States, 21.05.2009
I prefer the kinks by a long way, i don't know why. It just sounds better to me.
- Dave, Melbourne, Australia, 02.12.2008
I can't believe the lack of support for the kinks. Their edgy style was revolutionary and helped pave the way for future rock 'n' roll artists. Anyone can take a Kinks song, let a woman with a pretty voice sing it and make it a hit, but it's because their songs are so well-written. The Kinks sing "Stop Your Sobbing" as it was meant to be sung; the Pretenders simply live up to their name with the cover.
- Mike, El Segundo, CA, United States, 09.08.2008
Chrissie clearly took this one to new heights. And she did it in such a way that you'd have thought her version was released in the '60's as well. Dusty Springfield would have been proud!
- Paul, West Babylon, United States, 09.02.2008
I love the Kinks, but the Pretenders win this one, thanks to Nick Lowe.
- Vinnie, Somerville, NJ, United States, 19.10.2007
What about the Jonathan Richman version? It's excellent too.
- Doug Mobley, San Francisco, United States, 03.04.2007
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