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Lake of Fire

I first became acquainted with this number through Nirvana. Though I've heard the Meat Puppets original, I still prefer the Nirvana cover.

- Bob, Columbia, MO, United States, 08.11.2005



Meat Puppets

CD-Cover: Nirvana - Unplugged in New York 65.4 % 34.6 % CD-Cover: Meat Puppets - Meat Puppets II
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I'm 16 years old, and I've been a nirvana lover since 5th grade. But I liked the original the most, it had a lot more in it. I agree that a lot of people are probably just voting nirvana cause it's nirvana. Then there is these judgmental pricks who are bashing Kurt, because they know SHIT about the situation. He didn't fucking kill himself you prick he wasn't running and NEVER will I wear a suit and tie. Being a musician makes you no less of a person. And it adds a lot of stress. Okay think about it, have you ever been in front of as many people he has at once? Ever been on national TV? Didn't think so. I'm not saying he had to of been murdered, there is that possibility that he killed himself. Everyone has, and is entitled to their own opinion.

For anybody who thinks it was suicide, go pump 225 or more mgs of heroin into your body and see if you can pull the trigger of a shotgun at the angle he reportedly did, it's ridiculous. Factually speaking, it's impossible if you have that much heroin in your blood stream your body would be incapacitated within seconds if not immediately.
- Steve N., Redding, United States, 06.02.2007
Given that Curt and Cris Kirkwood played the song with Nirvana on the best-known rendition out there, this isn't a simple "cover vs. original" debate. Credit is due to Curt for the original song and being the best guitarist Nirvana almost had, and to Cobain for his performance, breaking the song down to its elemental tune and highlighting the soul in it.
- Goatboy, Scarborough, England, 26.01.2007
I actually like the Meat Puppets. Their version I like a lot because it's faster and more "rock" but Nirvana's is more melodic so I'd have to go with Nirvana.
- Rachael, PA, United States, 22.01.2007
I have to say the meat puppets. I think people are jsut voting nirvana because its nrivana and slapping the tag "but kurt was in pain" on there to justify themselfes.

Meat Puppets have a much more full sounding version of the song and on top of that the vocals are mezmorizing with brillant baking tracks. Not to mention a guitar solo which fails to be present in kurt's version.
- Mike, Ottawa, Canada, 15.01.2007
Kurt was weak willed guy with a lot of weaknesses and addictions and they gave him pain - from where all his great work came.

- gaurav shukla, noida, India, 12.12.2006
Cobain was a confused little punk who was worthless and weak. He chose to leave behind his daughter and that ugly, no talent bitch he married. (nice move) Where did he go? Did he go to Nirvana? Is he fucking a 100 virgins or is he seated at the right hand of the father? Neither. He is in the ground rotting to dust and we all lose out on more good music. Well I say good riddance to a weak, pathetic little cry baby who couldn't handle a little stress and pressure and who saw more fame dead than alive. What a total selfish attention whore Kurt was. I hope he rotts in his coffin and everybody forgets about his pathetic little life. fUCK OFF cURT cOBAIN you suck the big one anyway asshole. Eat my ass and fucking come back to life and be a normal guy with short hair and wear a tie and work at an electronics store and be nobody.
- Steve, Burbank, United States, 10.10.2006
I know this is kinda off key, but there was also a cover by LOB ft Everlast in a version with modified lyrics.
- Black Jesus, Richmond, United States, 03.08.2006
I wonder how many voters here have HEARD the original? It was great, that's why Nirvana covered it.
- Chris, In the woods, United States, 08.07.2006
both versions are great ! and i respect the meat puppets alot their style of music is totaly unique and really good but i gotta say i prefer the nirvana version kurt had a great voice
- Tom Whittaker, Newport, England, 21.06.2006
Kurtwas a genius because he found out that you can make the meat puppets songs sound really good.
- Steffi, graz, Austria, 19.06.2006
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