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Like A Rolling Stone

With so many versions of "Like A Rolling Stone" out there (the #1 song ever writtten, according to Rolling Stone magazine-- duh), it would be nice to evaluate the Rolling Stones' version. It was, after all, released as a single in 1995. And as previously mentioned, with so many Bob Dylan covers out there, it's nice to see when someone gives it the original treatment-- giving the song a unique, diferent sound. The Rolling Stones unfortunately fail to make this happen, giving a carbon copy of the original. It's a fine performance, but rather unnecessary.

- Matt, New York, United States, 08.11.2005

The Rolling Stones


Bob Dylan

CD-Cover: The Rolling Stones - Stripped 19.1 % 80.9 % CD-Cover: Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited
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Comments about Like A Rolling Stone:

Bob Dylan and The Band - Live - Before the flood !
- Peter, Mannheim, Germany, 12.08.2008
So I went on iTunes to check out the Stones track, and there I found a cover of this song by... wait for it... Micheal f**king Bolton. Oh yes, it was a goddamn travesty.
- Brett, Brooklyn, United States, 14.03.2008
If the Stones did this one back in the sixties, it might come close to Dylan's original... but they were a little late
- Jesse Harman, Ocean CIty, United States, 01.11.2007
why not the hendrix version ??? amazing!
- omar, verona, Italy, 04.09.2007
Stone's cover is pleasant but the best cover of LARS was by Hendrix at Monterey.
- Pasquale, Hoboken, United States, 06.04.2006
The Stones did a great job what had no chance outplaying his Bobness on the top of his creativity. Anyway it's pretty worth listetning but I prefer the Stones playing it with Dylan at the South American tour.
- Gal, Budapest, Hungary, 09.11.2005
What was Jagger doing singing lead on the Stones' version? Ron Wood really should have handled the vocals, he has the most Dylan-esque voice.
- Bob, Detroit, MI, United States, 09.11.2005
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