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Come Together

Some people claim they can't tell which version is playing when they hear this on the radio.

- Mike Stanfield, Austin, United States, 19.11.2007




CD-Cover: Aerosmith - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 38.6 % 61.4 % CD-Cover: Beatles - Abbey Road
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Aerosmith 1468 Votes Beatles

Comments about Come Together:

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I rather listen to The Beatles than Aeros**t
- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 13.02.2011
Johnny Cash's version of Hurt is far superior. jk lol
- Garnet Pickard Ham, Zebu, Canada, 13.10.2010
The Beatles...
- Garnet, OTTAWA, Canada, 13.10.2010
The Beatles...
- Garnet, OTTAWA, Canada, 13.10.2010
I like The Beatles cartoons on PBS but does Aerosmith have their own cartoon? NO! So I vote for the Beatles
- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 04.09.2010
I love both of these bands but Aerosmith completely butcher it. It's hard to even listen to. My vote goes to The Beatles
- Paul, Columbus, United States, 18.07.2010
Don't get me wrong, I'm a massive Beatles fan, but Aerosmith puts just the right edge on this one to (barely) put it over the top for me.
- CyberWolf, St. Louis, United States, 18.06.2010
The lyrics, from the mouths of its creators, unparalleled! The music of the Beatles? Without equal. (Well lyrically maybe Bob Dylan can come close. But you really can't compare those kinds of things).
- alan, sudbury, Canada, 21.03.2010
While the Aerosmith version does sound "sexier" there is a certain personal quality to the Beatles version it's like they're right there telling you a story not just singing a song. I'd say depends on my mood as to which one I like better. :]
- Molly, Los Angeles, United States, 21.02.2010
I agree. The Aerosmith version is so much sexier. Of course, Aerosmith is my favorite band so that's probably why. Steven's voice adds so much to an already great song.
- Barb Noonan, St. Loui, United States, 20.01.2010
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