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Come Together

No comparison really, but Wacko does a suprisingly good funk rendition.

- KC, London, England, 20.11.2007

Michael Jackson



CD-Cover: Michael Jackson - HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I 63.6 % 36.4 % CD-Cover: beatles - Abbey Road
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Anyone who knows anything about real music, and not something that sounds like was made on a 1980 home keyboard by an 8 year old, and someone who knows what real talent is with a real f**king voice would know to vote for Michael Jackson.

The BEATLES CANT SING! The music was SHIT for this song. MICHAEL bought it to life!!! Real funk, soul and LIFE! Beatles? Forget it. Michael did this song the justice it needed.
- *Sigh*, London, England, 23.08.2008
shut up ur fucking mouth!
凸- -凸this is for you
- 2, new york, United States, 13.08.2008
Go Obama!!!
- goObama, California, United States, 29.07.2008
MJ is a sad fallen musical genius, the guy never had a chance to grow up.
The Beatles were just something that I doubt will ever happen again. All the ingredients fell into place and the breadth of music is incredible. Just listen to their stuff in relation to the time it was produced. I suspect The Beatles music will be being played on whatever kit they have in five hundred years time - if we haven't destroyed ourselves and the planet by then of course.
- Paul, Plymouth, England, 27.06.2008
hey people out there. dont speak like that.. you do not even know the true positions in life of mj or either the members of the beatles. my sis and i both like them but we dont judge any one of them because the truth is we have seen nothing yet through them. if you were them, would you like other person to tell something like that to you? not at all right? because why? its just simply because they hurt your feelings that way. so please dont judge any person even the closest person in you. ¨WAY TO GO FOR THE BEATLES AND FOR THE KING OF POP, MICHAEL JACKSON.¨
- thei johnson, georgia, United States, 20.05.2008
Why would a faggot like MJ do any justice to a legendary piece of work???
- Tim K, Hervey Bay, Australia, 25.04.2008
Why would a faggot like MJ do any justice to a legendary piece of work???
- Tim K, Hervey Bay, Australia, 25.04.2008
Although I voted for the original, please put aside your personal feelings about MJ's private life and just appreciate the MUSIC.
- Kirri, Newcastle, Australia, 11.04.2008
Who the hell is voting for Jackon???
- Shrinertim, Omaha, United States, 09.03.2008
how the hell does michael Jacksons version get more votes than Aerosmiths!
- Jim, Rome, United States, 18.01.2008
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