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I can't make you love me

Although I'm a big Prince fan this ballad is more sympathetically recorded by the stubbly one.

Edit by Admin: The original version of this song was recorded by Bonnie Raitt in 1991.

- KC, London, England, 03.12.2007

George Micheal



CD-Cover: George Micheal - Ladies And Gentlemen 24.3 % 75.7 % CD-Cover: Prince - Emancipation
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Comments about I can't make you love me:

I LOVE Prince's version of the song. I didn't even know that George Michael did a cover of the song. Bonnie Raitt's version is cool, but I'm a huge Prince fan and my vote goes to him.
- k-love, Bronx, United States, 12.11.2010
george michael is a dirty talentless faggot and not a patch on the sublime Bonnie Raitt
- cuthbert, chicago, United States, 25.06.2010
I love prince & George Michael both of them are my heroes; but the original version is much better than those they made.
- Roberto Alvaro, Belverly hills, United States, 31.05.2010
George Michael sounds just like Bonnie Raitt and that Prince chick sounds like bad and drunken karoake.
- Rod, Chicago, United States, 20.02.2010
Bonnie Raitt's song, much like Motown's music , started out pretty good and then every rendition thereafter just continues to get worse. Both of these versions is lacking.
- Marc, Seattle, United States, 31.03.2009
Yup. And Bonnie Raitt's is the best. Who liked Prince's cover anyway?
- matt alganes, quezon city, Other, 27.06.2008
George is like warm honey on this one. Wins hands down even though I like Prince Also.
- MisRed, Columbus, United States, 19.04.2008
I now se that you have that info listed...but then this whole thing makes no sense since neither is the O.G. both songs are lovely though...
- Freedom Rings, Los Angeles, United States, 12.02.2008
Neither one of these artists is the original. Bonnie Raitt did it first. Just an FYI...
- Freedom Rings, Los Angeles, United States, 12.02.2008
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