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Silence is Golden

To be honest, I was a fan of the Tremeloes version of the song, and for I long time I believed it to be the original, but then I heard it was really a cover and after giving the original a listen, I must say I like it only slightly better than the Tremeloes version.

- Bryan Tremblay, Santa Barbara, United States, 03.12.2007

The Tremeloes


The Four Seasons

CD-Cover: The Tremeloes - Very Best of ...The Tremeloes 53.4 % 46.6 % CD-Cover: The Four Seasons - In Season: The Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons Ant
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The Tremeloes 618 Votes The Four Seasons

Comments about Silence is Golden:

There is a certain sweetness and richness to the Tremeloes version that the original doesn't quite convey.
- Rob L. , Vancouver, United States, 26.08.2010
I'm a HUGE Four Seasons fan - that being said, I'm a way HUGE-R fan of the Tremeloes version.
- Paula D, Farmington Hills MI, United States, 10.03.2010
Four Seasons are soulful and have Frankie Valli. The Terminals sound dead inside. Not a tough choics here.
- Rod, Chicago, United States, 20.02.2010
The fantastic voice of Frankie Valli,and the great background vocal harmony of the Four Seasons make Silence Is Golden an outstanding song.But that was true of all the songs The Four Seasons recorded.What a joy it was,and is, to listen to their music.The Tremeloes cover version is very good,but I prefer The Four Seasons' original.
- David Condra, Floyds Knobs,IN, United States, 21.12.2009
I have been looking for this song for years and thought it was by the Beach Boys until I found this site. I certainly like the Tremeloe's version and bought their "best of" album here. I'll save my vote until I hear all of the 4 Seasons version.
- Don, Cincinnati, United States, 08.12.2009
After listening to both I like the 4 Seasons a little better
Both groups are great like them both. Never will music be the same. Great song
- Barry, Boston, United States, 05.11.2009
The Four Seasons get into some screeching which even as a youngster I heard and it made me wince. Tremeloes are much more harmonious.
- Gnarlodious, Santa Fe, United States, 12.06.2009
The Four Seasons original is far superior - even although this was recorded as a 'B' side the song is treated with feeling rather than the overbearing and over-engineered copy.
- Stewart, Derby, England, 27.09.2008
Trems harmony of this song is memorable, exclamation point!
- Jeff, Sandy Springs, United States, 12.08.2008
I think the Trems version is far superior! The harmonies are much better & that is the one I think wins hands down. Their covers & originals are among the best 60's songs out there.
- Dawn, Chattanooga, United States, 06.12.2007
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