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Brother Louie

Don't mix it up with the song with the same title by Dieter Bohlen and his band Modern Talking in 1998. The original by Hot Chocolate is pretty good, but the cover version by The Stories was really a Smash Hit and is still quite popular, even though nearly anybody knows this band. For The Stories Brother Louie was a One-Hit-Wonder, they never had a hit again. I like the cover version especially because of the singer Ian Lloyd. You can also find some videos at YouTube.

- Togge, Schwarzenbek, Deutschland, 12.12.2007



Hot Chocolate

CD-Cover: Stories - About Us 52.2 % 47.8 % CD-Cover: Hot Chocolate - Brother Louie
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Stories 431 Votes Hot Chocolate

Comments about Brother Louie:

The Stories were what was left of another ONE HIT WONDER
The Left Banke
- Dany, nyc, United States, 29.09.2008
Muy buenas versiones... ahorita suena una canción en español con ese ritmo en una versión cumbia, el dato no lo tengo a la mano, pero dice "ella no te pertenece...." . buen dato!
- Vivi*, México, D.F., Mexico, 10.05.2008
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