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Chimes of Freedom

Bruces version was recorded live on the Amnesty International tour while Dylans came from his '64 record Another Side of Bob Dylan

- Ian, Green Bay, United States, 16.11.2005

Bruce Springsteen


Bob Dylan

CD-Cover: Bruce Springsteen - Chimes of Freedom 48.9 % 51.1 % CD-Cover: Bob Dylan - Another Side of Bob Dylan
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Comments about Chimes of Freedom:

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Are you fuxing kidding me? Bruce!
- Mahmoud, Cairo, Egypt, 28.07.2007
- stipe, proloÅžac, Croatia, 02.01.2007
Kudos to Bruce for paying homage to Bob but her certainly can't out-Dylan Dylan. When covering the greatest songwriter America ever produced, its best to do something totally different with it (like Jimmi Hendrix did with AATWT).
- Kiki, Dallas, United States, 21.03.2006
Chimes of Freedom is the international anthem. Bobby is a genius and it's to top his version. I don't think anyone cried when they heard Bruce's version.
- Davo, Melbourne, Australia, 28.02.2006
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