Cover vs. Original

All Through The Night

Cyndi's version is more heartfelt. Jules' version bounces along too much.

- Matt, New York, United States, 16.11.2005

Cyndi Lauper


Jules Shear

CD-Cover: Cyndi Lauper - She's So Unusual 66.8 % 33.2 % CD-Cover: Jules Shear - Horse of a Different Color: Jules Shear 1976-1989
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Cyndi Lauper 615 Votes Jules Shear

Comments about All Through The Night:

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Loved Jules and the Polar Bears, love his version over Cyndi's.
- Debbie, Canterbury, England, 10.01.2010
Cyndi's version is OK, but really we should be voting for Girlyman's version. Girlyman's cover crushes any other like so many grapes. Check it out!
- surferbeto, Ventura, United States, 07.11.2009
Cyndi Lauper é imbatível,principalmente na música All Through The Night,sua voz é Linda.
Te amo Cyndi Lauper para sempre!!!!
- Carlos André, Cícero Dantas-Bahia, Brazil, 14.03.2009
Tori Amos' cover rules!
- Matt Alganes, Quezon City, Other, 14.10.2008
HI! yo soi chileno (por eso escribo en español) y amo mucho mucho mucho a CyNdI lAuPeR!!! En especial la cancion ´´ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT``.Bueno ByE!!
- PaNxoo L., Santiago, Chile, 09.08.2007
I LOVE Cyndi's version, but Jules is amazing. Entirely Beatle-esque in feel and presentation. Of course, he didn't get the commercial boost that she did, and so the heavy votes for her. Be serious, people, his version ALLOWED hers.
- Rod Reyes, jersey city, United States, 06.01.2007
wtf. Jules version is not even on Itunes. wtf.
- Blair Fulton, Nashville, United States, 09.10.2006
Can hear the slow version here on the world cafe:
- Dave, Columbus, United States, 13.07.2006
Just heard the original and I should clarify that the version I heard in concert (and like best) was just him solo with an acoustic guitar. It was much slower and haunting. I'd have to say I like Cyndi's fast version better. Hopefully there's a copy of the acoustic, slow version somewhere.
- Dave, Columbus, United States, 13.07.2006
Heard Jules not knowing anything about him and wasn't blown away. But next day and for a long time after, it's his version I find myself humming....
- Dave, Columbus, United States, 13.07.2006
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