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Rockin' Robin

To tell you the truth, I love both versions of this song,however I enjoy Bobby Day's original version more, don't get me wrong,both versions are great! But there's something about the original track that makes me like it more than the cover,I don't know what,but it does. What do you think?

- Bryan Tremblay, Santa Barbara, United States, 17.11.2005

Michael Jackson


Bobby Day

CD-Cover: Michael Jackson - Rockin' Robin 53.4 % 46.6 % CD-Cover: Bobby Day - The Original Rockin' Robin
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Michael Jackson 725 Votes Bobby Day

Comments about Rockin' Robin:

michael jackson is soo cute as a child !!! <3
- agi, vienna, Austria, 03.04.2010
Actually I didn't even know that the was a version before Michael's until I heard Bobby Day's version on an oldies program. I guess I was born too late. Michael's version is awesome, but when I heard Bobby's, for some reason it sounds better to me. I guess it has something to do with that traditional R&B jump groove 50's style. Especially the bass line. It has the old school "boogie woogie" which is very attractive musically.
- George, Toronto, Canada, 03.09.2009
Michael just kicks it up another notch.
- Surfgod, Hotlanta, United States, 30.03.2009
Bryan credited the Jackson 5 with this cover version, but I think it was on Michael Jackson's first solo album. So I changed it. Correct me, if this was wrong.
Anyway, I think Michael Jackson's cover is really good. I'm not a Michael Jackson fan, but I must say, as a child he sung really good songs, much better then later.
- Michael, Hamburg, Germany, 17.11.2005
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