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Pretty Flamingo

To be honest with you,I'm not really sure which version of Pretty Flamingo was recorded first,since they were both made on the same year,though I'm pretty sure that Gene Pitney was the original and then Manfred Mann released their cover that same year. I've only heard Gene Pitney's version in it's entirety,and I've heard a clip of Manfred Mann's version. To tell you the truth,I think they're both great,but since I'm only supposed to choose one,I would have choose Gene Pitney's original, sorry everyone,I know Manfred Mann's cover is a lot more popular,but there's something about that flute in Gene Pitney's original that makes me happy.

- Bryan Tremblay, Santa Barbara, United States, 18.11.2005

Gene Pitney


Manfred Mann

CD-Cover: Gene Pitney - Sings the Great Songs of Our Time/Nobody Needs You 27.1 % 72.9 % CD-Cover: Manfred Mann - Best of Manfred Mann - The Definitive Collection
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Comments about Pretty Flamingo:

Not sure who's version was released first, but the song was actually written by Mark Barkan, the guy who wrote the Banana Splits theme tune. The first guy to sing it was Jimmy Cliff, although I don't know if his version was ever released.

So - both Gene Pitney were releasing covers at the same time...
- Steve, Birmingham, England, 19.01.2011
Lil' Pits rules the day
- EWwV, NYC, United States, 03.02.2006
I've found just only a few pieces of information about this song , but it seems that Manfred Mann wrote the original. At also Manferd Mann is the original artist. So I switched cover and original. If somebody knows more about this case, write it down here and I will change it again.
- Michael, Hamburg, Germany, 19.11.2005
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