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It's Oh So Quiet

Actually, "It's oh so quiet" it's a very old song, and Björk recorded and added it on Post, probably her best album.

- Dardo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 20.11.2005



Betty Hutton

CD-Cover: Björk - Post 50.3 % 49.7 % CD-Cover: Betty Hutton - Somebody loves me
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Comments about It's Oh So Quiet:

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Bjork is certainly one of the greatest female singers of this century. She is classic and original.
- Miss Mac, Aitkin, United States, 19.05.2010
I don't know which version to vote for, I really like them both!
- Ben, Boston, United States, 21.03.2010
I think the votes will mainly be divided by 2 groups of people. The younger, more eclectic, adventurous pushing the limits of music type would prefer Bjork's version while the more elder, safer and more into that showtunes type will vote for Betty Hutton. I say this only because I know true Bjork fans will probably regard this as their least favorite song from her while people who only know Bjork for this song don't know her at all.
- Jdle, SF, United States, 10.01.2010
Both of them are great versions...
But I prefer Bjork's than Betty's, her version (Betty) is too fast, emotionless, and she didn't at her max..
- Raka, Jakarta, Indonesia, 06.12.2008
Betty is the best, I love the song because makes me crazy, it has a lot of tenderness and strenght at the same time, just what I need to feel myself great.
- Carol Dee, Ponferrada (El Bierzo), Spain, 16.01.2008
THIS IS A COVER!? WTF? I just listened to the Hutton clip and I think she's got a kooky quality that I like, seems less affected than Bjork's chirping and wailing. Then again, I'm sick to death of this song anyway, so I'd welcome a cover by Mandy Moore. :-P
- Brian Otano, Brooklyn, United States, 07.11.2007
Su voz es romántica y màgica.
- Miguel Cevedo, Caracas, Other - South America, 30.09.2007
this song makes me want to kill myself so i dont really care who sings it but since bjork is clearly unstable (e.g. ugly swan dress worn to some award thing) maybe betty's version is a little better... you gotta love 40's music anyway
- taza, griffith, Australia, 13.09.2007
Go Betty Hutton!
- abe, moon, United States, 12.07.2007
It's is generally easier to do something better after someone has done it first but in this case I give Bjork credit for the emotion that she puts it into the song. Definately goes above all else to make the very most of the song and brings an energy to the song that Betty didn't but not that it's Betty's fault since they never would have recoreded an artist like Bjork back in the 40's and 50's.
Bjork may be a bit out there but I can say I have been intrigued by her since she was with the sugarcubes. I have never bought her album but she is an underdog and Americans love underdogs!!! GO Bjork!!
- Mike, Corpus Christi, Texas, United States, 31.05.2007
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